Monday, December 18, 2006

Will the real Fleetwood Mac please stand up?

Thank you! Thank God for sending the world Peter Green. He wrote "Green Manalishi" after his experience of being "spiked" . To get spiked, in this case, is to be given acid without knowing it. It messed Peter up and he was touched in the head ever since. Judas Priest does an awesome cover of this, but you don't get the haunted torment that this original version has. You can feel the terror that Peter had when encountering a demon dog that was sending him messages of doom. I wonder if it was the same dog as with The Son of Sam? Maybe David Burkowitz should discuss this with Pete.

Anyway, this original lineup of the Mac really was one of the best British blues groups of the '60s. I even feel that Peter had more depth emotionally, with his playing, than Clapton himself. I am now waiting for a lightning bolt to come crashing through my ceiling right now and strike me down.

Peter Green vanished for a long while, but now performs regularly and whatever schizophrenia he supposedly had seems to be gone now. No Syd Barrett fate for this legend. That is one thing that I will personally thank God for tonight. Peter Green, Brian Wilson, and Roky Erickson are examples that it is worth it to overcome being a burnout and coming back to your art. I wish Syd would have realized that.

While I am at it, Mick, John, why don't you guys get the original Mac back together? I think everyone is still alive. You two know that you would not have gotten very far without Pete. You owe it to him. Besides, Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks are busy not trying to talk to each other right now, so that lineup is not going to work out. We all love that lineup, but it is way overplayed, and people have forgotten just who ruled in the '60s. I think it is about time you reminded us.


concerned citizen said...

loved it! I collect LPs, would love to have that one. Am going to check out the collection of an old hippie in a few days & just happen to have a pocket of cash. Maybe I'll get luckey

The Grunt said...

Hey, I see you over at my man Hobbs' site, l>t. It's funny how few of my Grunt Ahoy! readers ever read my other stuff. This earns you mega brownie points, btw.

There are some really good early Mac album/collections and some really bad ones, so be careful. They sounded better live than on LP back then--not that they sucked in the studio, it's just that they were so good live that it is better to start there.

Tracks to look for:
-Green Manalishi
-Oh Well
-Rattlesnake Shake
-Black Magic Woman (Yes, Peter Green wrote this one and recorded it before Santana knicked it)
-Man of the World
-I Need Your Love So Bad

There are others that are great as well, but those are the ones that jump right to me.

Elswinger said...

I know Mick and John are in contact with Peter, but Danny Kirwan suffers from dementia and is practically homeless. Jeremy Spencer is around but content with what he is doing outside the band.

It's too bad though, after watching some vintage Fleetwood Mac videos, I find my favorite guitar parts are the ones Danny Played.

The Grunt said...

Well, all three of those guitarists were great. I can't believe that people skip past the Mac and credit Lynard Skynard or Thin Lizzy for the three guitar lineup. All of those bands are terrific, though.

Welcome to 120 dB's, Larry. This is not my main blog, but I try to update it twice a month. I've been slacking.

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