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Jon Nödtveidt

On August 16, 2006 front man, Jon Nödtveidt, of the Swedish hardcore black metal band Dissection took his life. He was found in his apartment with an self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head, he was encircled by candles with an open Satanic Grimoire in front of him.
A professed Satanist, Jon Nödtveidt is said to have ended his life after "he had fulfilled his self-created destiny". (Take from the band's official website.)

"Those of us who have met him in his last days can assure that he was more focused, happier and stronger than ever. It is our full conviction that he left this world of lies with a scornful laughter, knowing that he had fulfilled everything that he had set up for himself to accomplish. The empty space that he leaves behind will be filled with the dark essence that he manifested through his life and black-magical work. His legacy and Luciferian Fire will live on through those few who truly knew him and appreciated his work for what it really was and still is. As our brother's goal in life and death never was to "Rest in Peace", we will instead wish him victories in all battles to come, until the Acosmic Destiny has been fulfilled.

For the glory of the Dark Gods and the Wrathful Chaos!
(Taken from the band's official website.)

Some would argue that the world is better off without him. Some would argue that his music has been his legacy. Ah, some would indeed say differently. I would hazard to guess that the family members of the man he was convicted, sentenced and served time for murdering, would argue the former. Oh yes, Jon Nödtveidt not only took his own life, but in 1997 took the life of an Algerian immigrant, Josef Ben Maddour. For this, he spent 7 years in prison and was released in 2004. He has been referred to as a "despicable human being" but an "artist" nonetheless.

If you've never heard Dissection, it isn't something I'd recommend you'd start off on your black/death metal virgin ears. The music is wrathful and haunting. Oftentimes dreamy but definitely (definitely!!) vicious. If you wouldn't have known that Nödtveidt was a Satanist by his convictions, you would know it through his music. There is a searing anger and hatred that runs through his music that can only sometimes be described as "satanic".

Dissection albums are:
The Grief Prophecy (1990) (demo)
Into Infinite Obscurity (1991)
The Somberlain (1993) (I dare you to listen to this and not be affected)
Storm of the Light's Bain (1995)
Where Dead Angels Lie (1996)
Maha Kali (2004)
Reinkaos (2006)

There are other various live and bootleg albums as well. All with some promise and artistry. I do have to say, like most bands, their earlier work is their best work. Most musicians are prone to musical senility, and although Dissection were a young band (Nödtveidt was only 31 at the time he took his life), I think perhaps they had reached their prime before he was incarcerated.

What moves me the most about Dissection are their lyrics. Personally, I enjoy music as a whole. I don't just look for chunky guitars or heavy bass or death vocals, but I prefer to listen to music in it's entirety. Dissection moves me, but what is pronounced about them, what stands out the most to me, are their lyrics. Nödtveidt had this amazing sense of poetry. He could dance with words. His imagery is powerful and it leaves you with a dichotomy of being filled and yet completely insatiable. Not to mention, it is the closest way you could ever get inside his head.

In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
(The Somberlain)

[Music: Nödtveidt/Zwetsloot]
[Lyrics: Nödtveidt]

Search for my subconscious
Lead me into myself
A need to discover the dark
A will to enter these gates
Oh, This temptation
to end this empty life
In my dreams I saw my real side
A journey through forever
my visions oh so bright
Watching eternity open
as I turn out lifes light
Oh, this temptation
to leave this earthly shell
Deep inside, the toll of deaths bell

In the cold winds of nowhere

With a sigh I pass away
Falling, into harmonic sleep
Then Ill find my prophecies wasnt lies
Falling, into the abyssI come...

I...I am dying...
Death...Does heal me...

In the cold winds of nowhere

What can you truly say after that?


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The Grunt said...

I occupy the other end of the spectrum of spiritual loyalty, but I do admire the dedication of souls that are moral to their cause. The true definition of being moral does not mean to be good. It means to be consistent in one's philosophy and actions. This is what I focus on and it seems he knew what he was about and followed it through.

People strain trying to figure out why bad things happen and wonder why God let's it all come and go without interfering. Well, we are the principle actors and God is that dude providing the bank. Satan is co-producing with Jesus Christ (or insert relevant dieties). They have creative differences. We all either go with the script or we improvise. Shit/tragedy has to happen or the play sucks. Who ever heard of a Shakespeare play without something gruesome or terrible happening? I would have never tamed that shrew. She was bitching as is!