Friday, February 24, 2006

The Perfect Band for a Horror Movie Soundtrack:

Do you think it might be possible to re-unite The Cowsills to do a 70's throwback style horror flick, say in the vein of "The Last House on the Left"? I bet you're all wondering, "WTF, did he just mention the real life Partridge Family?" You heard me correctly, The Cowsills. I couldn't think of anything more terrifying than a brutal slaying being accompanied by that rain-in-the-park song, or whatever the hell it is, "And I knew she could make me happy...happy...HAPPY!!!" The SST label round up is one ROIR label review. Guess which one that is. SST labels will include Husker Du, Meat Puppets, and Dinosaur Jr., so stay tuned.


Vera said...

*lightbulbs click on dimly*

super creepy anne murray singing "snowbird" whilst jason vorhees slashes and hacks his way through another bunch of sex-crazed-campers...

sample lyrics:
The breeze along the river seems to say
That he'll only break my heart again should I decide to stay
So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go
To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow

The Grunt said...

Good one, Vera. I always think of the soundtrack to The Last House On The Left as the oddest, yet most effective backdrop to that kind of movie. It's just wacky.