Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I'm alive and still listening to music

Many years have passed, and so to have many bowel movements.  I recognize how irrelevant most of my blogging has been. I love music and am involved in the local scene where I live to an extent, doing gear repairs for several bands and artists, as well as whatever qualifies as moral support.  I do give my personal artistic opinions, but I'm considered old now, and therefore, un-hip. I still build or restore the occasional guitar amplifier.  Ironically, the more I got into that sort of thing, the less I seemed to play guitar.  

What loud music have I been listening to? Well, Thin Lizzy, STARZ, Angel, Black Widow, UFO, Rainbow, Deep Purple MkI-MkIV, Elf, Captain Beyond (excellent band), Budgie, The Damned, anything that Mick Ronson was playing in, Supergrass, Neil Merriweather, KISS, Judas Priest, Saxon, The Dictators, and you get the idea. However, I probably listen to more stuff that wouldn't be featured on a blog called 120 Db's, like The Db's. 

I've reached that age where I am enjoying whatever floats my boat, no matter how uncool that may be.  It's liberating to not give a shit and to not worry about being relevant. Music seems so much sweeter to my ears, now.  R. Stevie Moore still makes music; so yeah, I am good.

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