Sunday, June 25, 2006

Everybody, Welcome Vera to The Grunt Army: 120 dB's Division.

Yes, it's true. I finally have a contributer. Grunt Ahoy! will likely never have one (just a girlfriend), since it is such a unique animal. But this blog kept bothering me, asking me if it could get married. I relented and let 120 dB's loose into bloggerland to find its mate. Vera accepted the call and is now baring the next generation of Babylon for 120 dB.

My idea was that my love for metal wasn't hardcore enough to really offer a serious look into good and obscure bands. I could do Priest and shit like that, but Opeth and Venom, etc., that's Vera's baby, totally. I will focus on my punk, garage, and hard rock/rock'n'roll tastes--that are loud. This is the key, it has to be good loud music. I cheated a few times, but got away with it because only five people have ever read this blog.

I'm glad to have Vera on board. If you are now sulking, wondering why you didn't get picked, well, I reward loyalty, dedication, and a little thing called good taste. Plus, Vera doesn't blow me off and is not flakey, so I can depend on her to really contribute here.

Everybody give Vera a big 120 dB's welcome. Turn your Marshall stacks up to 11, your Hiwatt heads up to Townsend, your Fender Deluxes up to Hurricane, and your Messy Boogers and Bogners up to now.

Crikey, that's fuckin' loud!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the welcome, Grunt!
I will try not to disappoint you or your loyal fans.
I will try to make my first post a great selection.

Mwmw said...

Hi Vera! Welcome! I look forward to your contributions. Vera and Grunt the Awesome Twosome!

The Grunt said...

Cool! Dabugg, you dropped by!!!