Saturday, January 21, 2006

What would happen if... listened to Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" while sitting at this grave?


Mwmw said...

I would begin to think:

"I'm coming back
I will return
I'll possess your body and
I'll make you burn
I have the fire
I have the force
I have the power to make my evil take its course"

Ok now I frightened myself!

The Grunt said...
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The Grunt said...

My original caption would have been, "Died from too much Maiden," but she died in 1958. I've got to find out the story on this person. I do know that the grave is authentic--it exists.

I'm thinking that Maiden should be made aware of this, so they could write, "The Ballad of Lillian Gray (Victim of the Beast)".

Here we go, listen to # of the Beast, then circle her grave three times counter-clockwise while chanting, "6-6-6, 6-6-6, 6-6-6!"

I don't think I'd ever do that. Yeah, I just frightened myself a little there, too.

Vera said...

children of bodom do some pretty amazing iron maiden covers... if you like the hardcore metal genre (its a bit of death metal meets power metal right in the middle) i would suggest you check out CoB...
Fear of the Dark... PHENOMENAL cover...

The Grunt said...

Vera, my first concert ever was Guns 'n' Roses opening for Iron Maiden. That was right before "Appetite for Destruction" took off and everyone was booing G'n'R to get off the stage so Maiden could play. Kind of funny when you think about it.

As for my metal, I mostly stick to the classics: Priest, Maiden, Sabbath and such, but my ears are still open.

Vera said...

i posted about it in my blog, but i'll recommend it here:

Metal: A Headbangers Journey

Bruce Dickensen, Ronnie James Dio, Dee Snider, Alice Cooper, Tony Iommi... all from the old school of metal being interviewed. pretty interesting stuff. more of the new school stuff like gorgoroth, slipknot, etc...

my music tastes vary from folk stuff to hardcore death metal. my MP3 track would confuse the hell outta people. lol. glad to know there people out there with open ears :)))

The Grunt said...

I hear you, Vera. I can go from some wicked folk, like Pentangle, and then pop in Stained Class and listen to the track Saints in Hell. Then alternative stuff, etc, the list goes on. I just can't stand a lot of the gross pop shit that gets played. I do like pop rock like The Raspberries and Bad Finger, Big Star, and such.

You featured Meddle on your site. That's one of my favorite Floyd albums. Echos is such an experience.

I'll have to check out what you recommended. That's something that I dig, big time. I was a headbanger in high school and not so much hair bands, but Prong, Motorhead, and Metallica/Megadeth. But, I would have to say that Maiden, Priest, Zepp, and Sabbath are the shit. That's a cop out, but it is a fact. I do have a special place in my heart for Alice Cooper, and if you didn't notice yet, I am heavily influenced by his/thier works. He's so morbid, smart and funny, and gets the right kind of mix between pop and heavy.

Vera said...

meddle is one of the top albums on my list and the first time i heard echoes i cried. erm, as you can tell, i quite like pink floyd...
i have to concur that sabbath is pretty amazing stuff. maiden... seriously... "flight of icarus" need i say more?? ok, i will! fear of the dark, powerslave, 2 minutes to midnight...
(aside note: the interviews in the documentary are bloody amazing, but the best parts are then Dio makes crack marks about Gene Simmons... however the documentary's director finds himself in awe when meeting bruce dickinson, its quite a moment)
i will check out some of the artists you have listed. i am always willing to give a listen to anything anyone recommends within my own reasoning, of course ;) there is some complete crap out there.
and if you like a sort of viking chanting folk music, i recommend hagalaz' runedance. nothing says good morning than a greeting to Hel Goddess of the Underworld.
oh, i could go on for hours. recommending music just b/c i want to share what i love so much not to sound pretentious. HAHA!

verification word: ayflcc
"Ayflcc" The Grunt screamed.
(ok, so it wasn't as good as Ahfak)