Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Damned Trio

"A New Rose"

Rat Scabies' "California Sun" style drum intro pounds alongside a thin, razor sharp, four-chord progression by Brian. This is then interrupted by Dave Vanian's ferocious bark. After all of this, chaos ensues. Gloriously addictive and the first Brit-Punk single committed to wax. "I've got a new rose. I've got it good!"

"Neat, Neat, Neat":
Captain Sensible's rubber-band bass introduces this one at break-neck speed, and yes, we get the Vampire's holler in this one too. The chorus is where you'll feel this one deep in your stem. So far, I can sing along with them on the "Neat, Neat, Neat" part. Don't ask me what the other lyrics are. This isn't what this blog is about.

"Problem Child":
The Holy Grail of two genres blended together--Mod Revival and Punk. Listening to this song, who would ever of thought that these guys would go Goth? There's also a part in the song about playing records loud at 3 A.M. My kind of lads.

Play it loudest!

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